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Hi All,

I did a redirect on my server..edited the .htaccess and did a page redirect.
Problem is now I need to change it back the way it was..eliminate the

If I take the redirect out of the file it still does it. Nothing works...any



Re: Undo 301 Redirect?...

frankmcma wrote:

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It's probably your browser's cache.

301 redirects are intended to be permanent, so your browser will have
remembered the redirection.

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Re: Undo 301 Redirect?...

Flushed the cache...reset IE..reset Safari...reset Firefox...still shows up.
I too thought it was just the cache..but it did not.

I know 301 is supposed to be permenent..but what does that mean exactly? I
can never disable or delete it?

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Re: Undo 301 Redirect?...

Scripsit frankmcma:

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We probably cannot access the .htaccess file via HTTP, but you might post
the URL of your site and the contents of the .htaccess file (verbatim), if
it's not very long. (If it's long and it doesn't contain sensitive
information, create a copy of it and post the URL of the copy.)

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What the HTTP protocol says. See

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Basically, you can add a _new_ redirection (but not to the original

The general idea is that once you have set up a permanent redirection, you
should set up a new redirection (from the new address to an even newer
address), if the page address has to be changed again. By setting up the
permanent redirection, you have told, to whomever it might consider, that
the new address should be used from now on and the old address can be
forgotten. Don't be surprised if this actually happens.

But in normal conditions, _browsers_ can be told to use the old address by
removing the redirection on the server and by clearing the browser cache. It
is however possible that the redirection instruction has been cached by a
proxy server.

It's also possible that a browser stores redirection information separately,
not as part of a cache. I don't know of such behavior in practice, but it
would actually be quite sensible.

(And it's probably best not to try to redirect back to the old address. That
would create an infinite on user agents that have actually stored the first
redirect instruction.)

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