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I'm looking for design suggestions on the most efficient way to go about
separating a list of items into multiple groups using HTML, JavaScript and

A simple example would be a page consisting of two multi-line selects with
buttons to move items back and forth.

My page starts with one multi-line select containing a list of items. The
user needs to have the ability to create any number of groups (i.e.
multi-line selects) up to the number of items. Each new select dynamically
appears when added. The user then needs to have the ability to move items
from the first multi-line select to one of the other multi-line selects.
When the user is happy with their selections, the whole thing is submitted
and saved.

I'm not looking for technical help, but would appreciate any links of
dynamic examples like the interface described above. If you can think of a
better method, please tell me.

Note: If this question is better suited for another discussion group please
let me know.


Re: UI design suggestions needed

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Try this one:

Best Regards
Peter Heinzl

Re: UI design suggestions needed

"PH" <nospam> wrote in message
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Exactly, only mine needs to dynamically support more than 2.

Re: UI design suggestions needed

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It is not really possible to think of a better method with this
abstract description. Ideally, the UI will be a comprehensible
abstraction of what the user is trying to achieve. Perhaps the user
could be given a method of inserting separators into a single selected
list to indicate how (s)he wants to group the selections. Maybe a
suitably labeled tab could be created for each selection where the
contents of the left hand pane in every tab would be the same. If you
are willing to implement a drag and drop interface and your lists
represent physical locations then your proposal may be the best.  

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