Two problems: drag-n-drop and window replacement after sending form

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These are two things that I have been trying to get to work, but won't.
These are also a slightly more complicated tasks, so I don't blame you if
no-one wants to do my work for me. :) But anyway, I'll give it a shot:

1)  I have iframe with a file list on a page and a textarea. I want to
drag-n-drop a file from the iframe to the textarea and get the url of the
file to be printed there.

2) I have a large form both horizontally and vertically. After sending a
form, I use <body onload=window.location.replace="theform"> after all
updates have been done to return to that same form. I would like the browser
window to return to the same location (x,y) that it was when the form was
sent. I have been trying to use cookies to do this.

It would be nice if solutions would work on both IE and other browsers, but
if anyone is willing just to point me to right direction, that is more than

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