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We have recently published our travelsite consisting of photo's,
destination information and travel logs. I was wondering if you could
take a look to see what you think of it. Are there things unclear or
would you do different? I'd really like to hear!

best regards,


Re: Travel site critique

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On the whole I liked it, I like the colour scheme in particular.
Things I didn't like:

1) fixed width at 1024X768. If you're going to do a fixed width, it should
be for 800 x 600.
2) The animated map thing in the header gets annoying.
3) You're using javascript for your drop down menu. Personally I dont rely
on anything that can be turned of for something as vital as navigation.
4) Fails validation ;ss=1&outline=1
and last but not least its the "grafton centre" not "gafton centre :D


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Re: Travel site critique

On 2006-10-11, Paul Watt wrote:
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    That's no better, and it's worse for someone with a 1200+px
    window. With 4 coluns to the page, it would be pretty much
    unreadable at 800px.

    A fixed-width page works well *only*at*that*one*width*; don't do

Quoted text here. Click to load it

    It doesn't annoy me, because flash doesn't play unless I click on
    it. If there's anything important in it, there's a good chance I
    won't see it.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

    Not only that, but part of the menu is inaccessible, because it is
    obscured by other elements on the page.

Quoted text here. Click to load it ;ss=1&outline=1
Quoted text here. Click to load it

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Re: Travel site critique

Hate it-

Graphically it looks OK but what the heck are you trying to do with it?
Why would I go there? to read about someone else's travel trip? Is it a
travel blog site? Why wouldn't I just put my travel stuff on my own
blog? Why don't you link to other blogs? What is the draw? Why would I
visit the site? I don't get it. I spent 5 minutes on the site and found
nothing of value for me, nothing that would even begin to suggest that
I might bookmark it (and i do have a travel section in my bookmarks
with a few sites there). There is no real reason behind the madness. I
didn't see anything on the site that made me want to use it, I can find
much more info and even more user feedback on other travel sites. It is
just blah and you are trying to attack one of the most saturated spaces
in the whole www 'Travel'. Why would anyone in their right mind try to
jump into the travel pool with a site that is so useless?

I know I am sounding harsh, but lets get real or lets not play- In your
mind you probably see some real value in the site- from my perspective
(and I know I am just one user, so you should get the real opinion of
some other users too) from my perspective there was nothing there that
enticed me to come back, I found nothing of value on the site that I
could find on the sites that I frequent more regurlarly.

My guess- you just have it there with lots of content so you can sell
googleads. Nice!

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