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Subject: Transparent Linking

Hi folks,

I'm new to working with HTML coding and I really
need to know how to do something to greatly simplify
the updating of links. Here's what I'm trying to do:

I'm a seller on Ebay and at the end of each of my
auction listings, I want to be able to provide a
list of links to the new items that I'm selling.
These links to new items will be changing a couple
times per week, and I want those changes to be
reflected immediately in my hundred or so currently
running auctions.

Is there some way I can have a list of links located
on my web site show up as normal valid links in each
of my auction listings that are currently running?

If I can find a way to do that, I would have to only
update the one list of links on my web site; and I
wouldn't have to continually spend tens of hours each
week manually updating each and every running auction
listing to reflect the changes I want in those links.

Thanks for the help!!!

HTML Newbie

Re: Transparent Linking

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You are talking about the pages listed on Ebay right? I'm not
that familiar with their interface, but you use some a form to
create the listing page and then it's stuck that way till you
edit it as I recall.

Normally I'd say use Server Side Includes, but I don't believe
the Ebay interface is going to allow that. An iframe is the next
option if their interface allows - but I doubt it.

Rob - /
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Re: Transparent Linking

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There are a surprising number of tricks that one can get away with on
ebay but, given that you're (a) pretty new to this and (b) don't want to
do anything to annoy ebay, it's surely best to just create a current
auctions page on your own webspace and include a link to it in your ads?

If you really want to try putting your own page directly into the ebay
page then you'll have to use something like (untested):

  <IFRAME src=" "
             width="400" height="300"
             scrolling="auto" frameborder="1">
      <A href=" ">
        Click here to see my other fabulous auctions!</A>]

Where the link is for browsers that don't support iframes.


Re: Transparent Linking

Just wanted to say thanks a heap for the suggestion.
It sounds like a very interesting idea and I'll be sure
to give it a try.

HTML Newbie

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 08:06:47 +0100, Jacqui or (maybe) Pete

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