Tools / APIs / abstractions to create web-UIs to access mysql dbase

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Apologies for crossposting. I had put this on a linux/sql group before
but just though that this group(s) might be a more relevant avenue.


Are there any good tools / APIs / high-level-abstractions around to
create quick (and possibly good
looking!) web-interfaces to provide a UI to only specific canned queries
from a database?

My situation:

I am *not* looking for a mysql "client". For that I already use HeidiSQL
and MySQLQueryBrowser and am happy. I am also *not* looking for a web
based full fledged mysql client (my users wouldnt care for writing SQL

I want to be able to write specific mysql queries that then can be run
via an UI. Either verbatim or with some tiny controlled user-modifcations
of parameters. e.g. changing dates, parameters, tolerances etc.

Take the querey

SELECT items, description
FROM footable
WHERE cost < 10

I might want to allow users to run this query but with aribtray choices
for "cost" as 10, 20 etc. and get a well formatted output.

Or maybe a dropdown list to select "10" from a list on entries. What is
exposed is a web-UI of buttons, forms tables etc. that can be exposed to
the user and I hide the actual mysql query behind. I suppose this is a
fairly routine operation on functional websites but I am a total newbiee
to the web design / programming.

I could program the whole thing in php but rather than reinvent the wheel
I was wondering what is already available?

Besides doing it from scratch has ther problems:

*My sense of color and design is pretty atrocious. I'd rather leave that
part to some aesthetically designed templates , css sheets etc.

*A higher-level abstraction might have a better chance at evading nasties
like SQL injection etc. My security fundamentals are basic and I probably
wouldn't be so successful in sanitizing inputs etc.

*In the past whenever I design interfaces they end up looking clunky.
I've found canned solutions e.g. MediaWIKI, Drupal etc. give pages a much
better look than I can!

Are there any toolkits of this sort that I can use? I am totally open to
the choice of language. My basic setup is Linux+Apache+mysql

[Sorry in advance if I was too verbose! I'm new to it and thought it best
to give a detailed description of my situation]


Re: Tools / APIs / abstractions to create web-UIs to access mysql dbase

Rahul wrote:

Removed that horrible follow-up, how the heck do I otherwise see any replies
to my post???

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The only options I see is the one you have written or ne that you paid someone
else to write.



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