Too light grey color

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I have following statment in a html file.  Is there any control the grey
color to be darker?

<hr size=2 width=20% align="left">



Re: Too light grey color


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Size, width and align are deprecated - use CSS. Something like this:

hr {border: 1px solid #333333; width: 20%;}

Mark Parnell

Re: Too light grey color

__/ [Mark Parnell] on Monday 31 October 2005 05:47 \__

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The OP should also become aware that use of <HR> without CSS is in a sense
ambiguous and loosely-defined. It may be interpreted and thus rendered
differently in different browsers/engines.

HR does not have a colour associated with it. Grey must be attributed to some
Netscape colour convention.


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Re: Too light grey color

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Yes, for a style sheet or style in the head of the doc.

To the Op, if you want to do it inline (closest to what you are
doing), use <hr style="border:1px #999
solid;width:20%;margin-left:0px"> - or #666 or #333 depending on
the darkness, 333 is /very/ dark. I assume you would control the
left alignment with something like the suggestion here, seems to
work, but there may be better advice on this?


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