To Frame Or Not To Frame?

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I constantlt read that frames are not recommended for XHTML or future
website designs but cannot find a decent replacement. I have read about
iFrames and xFrames but none seem to offer the same capabilities. The issue
is that I want a contents pages but do not want to have to make a change to
every page when a new page is added or it's path changed for some reason.
So, the question is; what alternatives could I be using instead? Is XHTML
the way forward or am I again out of date with the best web language to use
for main page designs?

Re: To Frame Or Not To Frame?

Gary Newport wrote:

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The alternative, and a better one at that, is to create a separate file
containing your navigation and include it within your pages using server
side inclusion methods such as SSI, PHP or ASP.

See <URL:

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Re: To Frame Or Not To Frame? says...
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That's because there is no replacement for frames.  other than specialty
cases.  there is little need for frames on a web site.

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Maintaining a web site by your self is way over your head right now.  
(This based on your question.) If the page is currently working.  Then
leave it along right now, and go do some studying, spend a week in
google reading this group.  Hit w3schools and do a few tutorials.  But
in a week or so you will not only know why the frames are bad.  You will
know how to fix it. (Which there are several different ways depending on
what you want to do)


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