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I want the title tag to be displayed all the time when the cursor is over
the some html object and not go away after a second or two.

Some code to show what I think about.

<TD title="Messages that should be displayed as long as i have the cursor
over this tag">

Re: title tag

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                   ^^^ attribute

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use a browser other than IE. for gecko browsers the title attribute (and
a lot of other stuff) only works (shows a tool tip) on the first or
second monitor.

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Re: title tag

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The title tag is not supposed to be displayed at all, and isn't.

The title element's content is supposed to be made available to the
user _outside_ the document.

What you mean is the title _attribute_. Please spend some time in
studying basic HTML terminology. This is a particularly confusing case,
since there is a title element (which has a start tag and an end tag)
and a title attribute (which has no tags but appears inside a tag), and
they are quite different beasts.

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Write a browser that behaves so.

Other people will keep using other browsers, which may or may not
implement the title attribute in some other way. Regarding HTML
authoring, this is your starting point, not your desire to create some
visual effects.

If the message matters, make it part of the document's content proper,
in normal text. If not, omit it. In in-between cases, use a title
attribute if you like, knowing that you have no control over how it
might be rendered, visually or otherwise.

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Re: title tag

KS typed:
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as others have said, this will not suffice for your needs.  If you want to
do this, try a javascript thing.  try "OverLib" or something like it.
Beware, with this you will find the standard javascript issues, such as not
working on some browsers, and not being able to clean the last bits off your

Re: title tag

Thanx for fast respond.
To make it more clear.
The title attribute in the <TD> tag ( sorry my bad ) that i use behave like
it suppose to do in IE.
It only needs to work in IE even it seems to work in Opera also.

I only need to know if there is anyhow to controll the display time of the
title attribute ???,
which get displayed in a yellow box, like som kind of layer.

Im not thinking about setting the title tag at the top of the browser, but
as a describing text when
someone move the cursor over a <TD title="Some  informasjon"> </TD> tag in
the html document.

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Re: title tag

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There is no way to control the display time of the title attribute.


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