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Hi Gurus

I am sorry to ask so many questions, but unfortunately, you are just such an
awesome source of knowledge that I can not help myself but ask lots.  One
day, I hope to be able to answer other people's questions.

Here we go, I have the following function (I made it myself ...!)

function tic(form,a,z){

It is supposed to tick a range of tickboxes (e.g. 1-10 or 11-30), I want to
use a and z to identify the range.

I use the following to call the function:

 <LABEL FOR="0">
 <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" VALUE="0" NAME="0" CLASS="ix"
 New Zealand Wide</LABEL>

However, even with a range from 0 to 1, it will tick all the boxes in the
form.  Secondly, does anyone know how to make the reverse function? Can I
add a fourth variable that indicates whether the current tickbox is true or
false and then use this in the function?

I hope it all makes sense

Thank you once more for all your help

- Nicolaas

Re: tick the boxes

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Gurus is on holidays, and isn't due back until after Christmas. Sorry.

The following is JavaScript, and as such is best addressed in a
JavaScript newsgroup, such as news://comp.lang.javascript

That's not to say that no one in alt.html can answer it, but in general
it is best to ask in a group specifically aimed at JavaScript.
Cross-posted and followups set.

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Mark Parnell
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