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Re: Three-column website layout?

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I was not actually saying it would be better, it depends on the
content of the three sections, how important they are and many
things. Everything depends. If you are dead set on a template,
you sometimes need to make adjustments to the things filling the
template. For example, you really, really want em for left. Fine,
then make the links nice and short and choose a smaller em width
for the div and content margin to minimise the problem mentioned
(of the unwelcome squeeze on the content width). Have tighter
left margin/padding for the left links not to use up so much

Even consider max-widths and so on as aids. And now IE <7 will
have trouble, so maybe a hack or two and so on. I am basically
saying that there are no magic bullets in templates, the OP
wanted to avoid hacks and tricks and so on. But it is a naive
hope and looking at your nice template might (I think has!) given
him hope of avoiding tricks. But he does not know what a tricky
world this is.

The genius of some designers is that they work a path through
things and go for it stoutly and faults can be forgiven because
by and large so many good things are achieved. This is not an
easy thing to do. Requires skill, confidence and courage.
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It is nice and clean and admirable. I mean it. (It is something I
have recommended to be entered into the collection of Plato's

Keep making these, make a whole set with similar material but
with px for say a left nav, maybe for right too and em for maybe
just right spiel area (where the material might not be just
simple short links). Make one with absolute positioning too. They
will make an excellent starting point for people.

[Small thing Andrew, bit of a sensitive issue, it is a small "d"
in my name....  :) ]


Re: Three-column website layout?

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 Hi Ikke,

 Glad this will be useful to you. Of course the template represents a
very basic beginning only and will no doubt need to be modified as
content is added.


Andrew /

Re: Three-column website layout?

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I'm altering the template at the moment to suit my website - most of the
content is text and tabular data, so it won't be too much a problem I

Thanks again,


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