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Is the title attribute _necessary_ for ordinary text links?  Aren't they
kind of self-explanatory most of the time?  For example, a text-based menu

    - Home
    - Services
    - Photos
    - etc...


Re: The title attribute

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Okay, thanks.  I won't bother for text-based menus then (unless I feel they
need extra explaining).


Re: The title attribute

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Not if the link text itself is informative enough. And if it isn't, the
title attribute is not _sufficient_ to fix the problem. Consider title as
"advisory title" or "optionally available title" only (though it can be
pretty useful in such usage - primarily, to save the user's time by
telling which links he does _not_ want to follow - and this serves the
_author's_ purposes by preventing user frustration and by letting the
user spend time with links that are useful to him).

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No, most link texts on Web pages are not sufficiently self-explanatory.

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Assuming it's a small company's main page as it sounds, "Services" might
be a reasonable link text. The main page's content as a whole should tell
the user what to expect, e.g. whether the services mean things like car
washing, or things like transporting huge volumes of oil. "Photos" is
more obscure; typically there will be just photos of some special kind,
so "Photos of our equipment", for example, or "Photos of our staff", as
the case may be, could be much better. (But <a href="..." title=
"Photos of out equipment">Photos</a> might work reasonably, too.)
Regarding "Home", whose home is it? Remember that the user might
encounter the page via a link, or a search engine, with no idea of what
the page deals with.

If the menu appears on all pages, it becomes difficult to modify it
(e.g., when you add photos of staff). This is one of the reason why the
paradigm of inserting a menu on all pages is much more problematic than
you might think. If you have just _one_ contextual link (to the main
page), you will have much less difficulties; and you could use the
company's name, or logo, for the purpose, optionally with a title, e.g.
<a href="index.html" title=
"Main page of ACME (American Company Manufacturing Everything)"
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