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The new engine. Why we overpay to the petrol companies?
I have made the new engine for the automobile, to which other kind of
fuel is not necessary of petrol or atomic energy.
Where the new engine takes energy for work?
The device, invented by me, takes energy from air and directs her for
work of the engine of the automobile.
I try now to organize his(its) mass manufacture, I search for the
sponsors or partners.
Unfortunately I have confronted(met) that my the invention contradicts
economic interests of many companies.
I ask to help me with the decision of this question.
while I received the patent for the basic part of the new engine, the
price of petroleum has grown almost three times.

Re: The new engine says...
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You're a nut job.  419er perhaps?


Hywel /

Re: The new engine

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What does the "419er" allude to? Sounds like there is an
interesting story behind this...

(just btw, one of the most common type of "nut" inventors is one
who either breaks or sails too close to the wrong side of the
law of the conservation of mass/energy. Perpetual motion


Re: The new engine

dorayme wrote:

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He probably means this: /

   -When motorcycling, never follow a pig truck

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