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What are these Papua new guinea images all about?  I know about the
differences and joys of GIF and JPEG, but the joy of PNG is somehow missing
(apart from being one of the most beautiful countries on earth that needs to
be saved from chainsaws).



Re: the joys of png

windandwaves wrote:

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Alpha transparency.
In a gif, a pixel can be either coloured, or transparent.
In a png, a pixel can be both.
IE doesn't support it, which means it shows some ugly grey instead.
Luckily, there exists some IE specific filter script type of CSS rule,
that makes IE show it like it should.

(there's bound to be someone jumping in now to explain it better and
correct my simple thinking though ;-) )

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Re: the joys of png

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just an  FYI.  Another method to get IE to play nicely with pgn's is
to simply wrap it in an swf.  IE can now deal with it correctly.

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