text rollover in opera6

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Hello folks. I have the following CSS that sets the properties for links so
when the mouse rolls over the link the colour changes to yellow, the font
weight increases and the text is capitalised.

 font-family:Verdana, arial;
 color: #FFFF00;

It works fine in IE and Netscape but not in opera.
There are 2 problems:-
1) The text-transform to capital doesn't work at all
2) When the font weight increases, in IE/Netscape all the text is displayed
but in Opera the text is not allowed to expand the space it occupies. The
weight increases but the end of the text is cut off
Does anyone know why? and there a way to correct this?

Re: text rollover in opera6

jack wrote:

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No, it is a problem with the Opera rendering engine prior to version 7.
The HTML cannot reflow to take into account of parts of the page that
change size.

This causes all kinds of problems with some CSS hovers and JavaScript and
is the main reason for the complete rewrite of the rendering engine in
Opera 7.

My suggestion is to either stop using the "font-weight:bold;" or just be
content that there are more Opera 7 users than Opera 6. :-)

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Re: text rollover in opera6

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks for the fast and informative reply

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