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About a week ago I posted the following:

I'm currently using WYSIWYG online editor for my website and today I went to
write some text and suddenly all these weird characters started appearing
between the text. Everytime I try to delete and save, they seem to come back
and sometimes even worse! The characters are these:


Does anybody know what's happening and how I can fix this major issue. From
my research it seems to be some sort of encoding problem? I've check some
forums out and it seems a lot of others have experienced this problem.

Yet there has been no solution I can find. I thank those who have answered
thus far, I received the following which I thought might be of use to those
on here who might help expand on the problem and thus leads to some sort of

From another person on this forum who sent me a private message, he details
a similar problem to mine.

"It doesn't appear to put the garbage A's in all the multiple space
locations the first time a page is edited. You fix a few locations and
several other multiple spaces are converted to garbage A's, eventually you
can fix a page and it will look normal if you remove all multiple
spaces/garbage A's as they appear. Also if you edit a page and replace it,
and not remove the garbage A's they will double in number if you had two you
will now have four with a comma or two thrown in for good measure. I would
be nice to fix this problem too".

Re: Text Editing Problem

Starman wrote in

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It may be a dumb question, but have you tried support from the wysiwyg
editor supplier?

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: Text Editing Problem

Yes, and they have no idea!

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Re: Text Editing Problem

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You should have posted a followup rather than start a new thread. At least
you should have mentioned the Subject of the previous thread, "Problem with
Text in HTML".

You were asked to provide more information, such as the URL of your page.
You didn't.

You haven't even fixed your newsreader to send character encoding
information, so we still don't even know what characters you are talking

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You are giving even less information than in the previous thread. You seem
to think that WYSIWYG is the editor's name. It isn't. It's just a
characterization used for a wide range of editors, short for What You See Is
What You Get (And What Others Get Might Surprise You).

If you have encountered a bug in a program, as you seem to suspect, you
should ask the vendor to fix it, or search for help on a forum where the
program is discussed. If these don't work, the odds are that you should find
another program. There's no shortage of web page editors.

Yucca, http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/

Re: Text Editing Problem

Jukka my apologies, I'm just frustrated by this issue. I mean to cause no
problems here...to asnwer your questions as best as possible.

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The reason I haven't is because the problem doesn't exist at the moment on
the website, I fixed it. When I went to edit something it did it again. I
spent another two hours fixing it again. So now I won't touch it so I don't
have to go through the whole procedure again. I just want to be able to find
a solution.

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Yes I did, here they are again: ff,,,ff  Can you see them now?

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Sorry I'm confused now, that is the software that I use online via my host
server's website. They host my website and have this program that is used
for creating/editing websites. You can use Dreamweaver if you like or any
other, but for me this is the most user friendly.

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Again like I said, I contacted the vendor, they tell me they have no idea of
what is causing the problem. The only thing they suggested was that I tell
me host server who are running the WYSIWYG software to do the following:

"Sounds like an encoding issue. There are a number of solutions to this
problem, but this is the most effective:

First find out what encoding your website is using, most websites use either
iso-8859-1 or utf-8, lets assume you are using utf-8:

Set the encoding for the editor like this:


(if you are using the usexhtml function make sure you call set_charset AFTER
calling usexhtml)

Now when saving html to your database make sure you first parse your posted
html code through the fixcharacters function and specify the encoding:


$_POST['editorCode'] = fixcharacters($_POST['editorCode'], 'utf-8');

If you are using Mambo/Joomla just replace your WysiwygPro mambot."

Has this provided information for you now?

I've tried various forums to no avail and most posters report a similar
problem to mine and still have not received a solution from anybody...

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Re: Text Editing Problem

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No. You did not give any of the additional information that I asked for.
Perhaps you didn't read my message comprehensively; quoting it
comprehensively after your response is the common signal thereof.

The answer that you got from the unspecified program vendor suggests that
you have little odds of communicating with them successfully.

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So you thought that this forum, which is surely not devoted to the
unspecified program that you use, might be a better shot? That sounds quite
unconstructive. This seems to be a waste of everyone's time. Please do not
fix your sender information before you have a clue. Thank you in advance.

Yucca, http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/

Re: Text Editing Problem

Can you suggest the proper forum I can try then? My apologies for the
trouble I've caused you.

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Re: Text Editing Problem

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I have one shot-in-the-dark suggestion. *If* you are downloading and
uploading using ftp, you may be downloading or uploading as binary. You
must download and upload as text for html files. I'm sure it's not that



Re: Text Editing Problem

To further the education of mankind, "Starman"

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Yes.  It sounds like bad software to me.  No matter what the extraneous
characters are or are not, they apparently shouldn't be appearing where
they do.  Use something else and/or don't edit online.

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