Text as SRC?

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Sorry for the newb-type question, but:

is there a way to include a text files as a src?

In other words, in the the way you would use the <img src=> tag to
imbed an image which then renders where you tell it to, similarly is
there a tag or way to imbed a .txt file into your page like this?

The real point is I want to be able to have someone update the text on
a site, but not need to delve into the actual html file to do so.



Re: Text as SRC?

In article

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Basically no, for what you want or are imagining. You can include
text in an html doc by way of "server side includes" (the
different methods of doing this have their own syntax, you can
look all up). This means that you can have a text file on the
server and by means of an include statement have it appear where
you want in the html doc. Any change, day to day, to this text
doc will be reflected in the html doc - of course. But to change
the text doc, one still needs to access it on the server and so
whoever is charged with changing the text would need to also be
able to access it on a server and this might be bringing in
complications you want to avoid.

The other way is to put in a Content Management System. This is
more complicated.


Re: Text as SRC?

dtomasch wrote:
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<iframe src="text file path" ... ></iframe>

or use XMLHttpRequest

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