Text as hyperlink output?

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get a hyperlink to do two things:
a) open a particular html-file or jpg-file in an iframe (e.g. a picture of
my cat)
b) show a comment above the opened file/picture (e.g. "this is my cat")

So the obvious question is: is it possible to have text as output?  It seems
really tedious to make a whole pile of html-files with a comment in them and
to call those up simultaneously with the picture file, so isn't there a way
to assign a space (for example a cell in a table, a frame, etc.) where text
can be loaded?  Is there maybe some sort of way to add this to your <a href>

I hope you understand what I mean and even more that there is a solution to


Re: Text as hyperlink output?

Glycerine wrote:

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Tedious? Well, if you do it by hand, yes. Get a templating engine to do it
for you. Write a template, then drop in a set of filenames and captions and
watch as HTML documents come out the other end.

I'm fond of http://www.template-toolkit.org /

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Re: Text as hyperlink output?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If the link goes to an html file, then you are not having to
tediously make them - the pic would be on the poage then, and
there would be perhaps text, borders, centering etc, ie, a web
page. If it goes to a picture file, then no, there can be no text
unless you have included pictures of words on the picture.

You could do this: put a title in your link to tell the user what
they are about to see. <a href="cat.jpg" title="...torturing a
mouse actually">my cat</a> and a tool-tip should show up, ie, a
little bit of text impossible to miss on hovering in most


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