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The statistics of my web site is from the Webalizer.  Today I got the
following readings:

Daily Avg. (for March).

Hits: 433
Files: 233
Pages: 251
Visits: 128

I like to find definitions of these terms, i.e., hits, files, pages and
visits, to understand what they really mean, and the difference between

Thanks in advance for help.

Re: Terms in statistics

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Scroll down to the bottom of the report, there's a link to the
Webalizer home page, where after a bit of hunting you will find :

Be aware that only Hits and possibly Files should be considered
accurate. Pages may be accurate depending on configuration (for
example, the default installation of Webalizer on my host is useless
for me because it doesn't count requests ending in .php as Pages and
hence I seem to have a lot of hits but virtually no pages). Visits is
based on making a number of assumptions and guesses and may be an okay
ballpark figure or may be way off.

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Re: Terms in statistics

Steve Pugh wrote:
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The information is very helpful.  Thanks a lot.

Dung Ping

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