Tennis Match - Game 1

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

This is a Graphic Tennis Match challenge.

First image is provided by me here:

1. You create a new image by taking one element from the provided image and
create a new image adding your own elements. (Keep the image size reasonable
for web.)

2. Post a link to the new image you created and describe what you added and
why. Name the original image and the element you used from it. (because as
time goes on it will help everyone remember how each image was created.)

3. Next, the next round will use the 2nd image and takes one element from
the second image and creates a new image.

4. Repeat step #3.

Note: You must stick to this theme: *Honor the armed forces of your

5. This tennis match begins now and ends in a weeks time.

6. Anyone can participate and create as many images using 1 element from a
previous image in the tennis match. Begin with the first image I provided.
Each additional image is part of the game and 1 element from it can be used
to create a new image.

7. At the end of the weeks game we can vote on a winner and that winner gets
to choose the theme and beginning image of the next Tennis Match challenge.

(This is solely for fun, so I hope alot of people will give it a try.  The
new images you create belong to you as far as copyright, of course, so keep
in mind that by playing the game you are allowing one element to be used in
the creation of other new images. The photo I'm providing I took when I was
on vacation in Trona, California.  Hope some of you enjoy the game.)
Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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