Temp file confusion

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When I make amendments to my web site and up-load the
files, my browser keeps showing the old un-amended
I have cleared every temp file that I can find, to no
I even downloaded several programs which clean the temp
folders...still no good.

I am using Internet Explorer ver6 with all the up-dates
from Microsoft.
I know the newer files are being up-loaded, as I have
gone so far as to down-load them again, and they are the
newer files.
What am I missing here ?

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Re: Temp file confusion

 Birch Plain wrote:

 > When I make amendments to my web site and up-load the
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The simplest and most thorough way is to go to tools/internet options.
On the general tab, click the "clear temp internet files" button and let it
do the job.
The other thing you can do is to make sure your local folders are named
slightly different.
What's happening is your local files are being called on because of the
Once you have the page done, move all your files to another folder or rename
the folder so it is not called.

Re: Temp file confusion

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Someone, somewhere is caching the files. Are there any proxy servers between
you and your host?

Try leaning Ctrl as you refresh the pages.


Re: Temp file confusion

Birch Plain pounced upon this pigeonhole and pronounced:
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Is this the site in your sig? ( http://www.members.shaw.ca/kevinmac/ )
Very nice, except you should check it with a Gecko browser. The menu box
overlays the content box in Firebird or Netscape 7. Ok in Opera 7.  W2K.

   -This space intentionally left blank.

Re: Temp file confusion

Beauregard T. Shagnasty a écrit:

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Same problem in konqueror.

Marc Nadeau
La Pagerie

Re: Temp file confusion

kevinmac@shaw.ca says...
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Thanks for the replies and helpful hints.
Will look into as per suggestions.

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