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Would be willing to take a look at and let me know
your thoughts?
- Jeff

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On 2008-08-05, javawizard wrote:
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Here is a random thought, your site has put me in a random mood, I was
watching Doris Day and James Cagney in 'Love me or Leave Me' the other
night (She has such a nice voice, really) and I was thinking that it was
Groucho Marx who said that he had "met Doris Day before she was a
virgin" and now I am thinking why not include this saying on your site...


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On Wed, 06 Aug 2008 10:42:57 +1000,  el dorayme punched in:
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Re: Technical Critique of

javawizard wrote:
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Back again, I see. I don't see any real improvement over the last time
you were here, especially code-wise, and I still think organizing the
categories better will make it easier for users to find their relevant
subject. The straight alphabetic list isn't helpful.

The bibliography is poorly structured, and links to it from the
individual items are pretty useless because they just link to the page,
not the reference to a specific item. The links on the biblio page to
itself are worse than useless and should be dropped. The way the page is
formatted does not help readability, either.

There are various ways you could do this better, such as formatting the
biblio page as a nested list. Assign a unique id to each reference, and
link to that from the info page e.g.

birds page, item about mynah birds:
<p>Mynah birds can be trained to say "hello" to people. There is one
mynah that even says "hello" to photographs of people. He recognizes
them even if they are wearing sunglasses. <a
href="biblio.htm#b9">Bibliography -9A</a>

biblio page:
    <li id="b9">9: Omni Magazine
            <li>A: November 1978</li>
            <li>B: May 1987</li>

You could also assign a unique ID to each nested item, but then you'd
have to repeat "Omni" on each item. Otherwise the user would have to
scroll up to find the "Omni Magazine" heading, which is inconvenient.
Possibly scrolling down to find the letter reference isn't so bad, and
the visitor is probably mostly interested in the "Omni" part, anyway.

If you don't want to show the generated list markers, you can easily
hide them with a little CSS. I don't think it matters so much if it's
coded as an ordered or unordered list because the reference (9, A) needs
to be part of the text. You definitely wouldn't want to rely on
system-generated numbers and letters.

Think about it.


Re: Technical Critique of

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My first thought?

"Eeek!  Thwap!"

Broadly, on looking upon your site for the first time my reaction was
that you'd slapped me in the retinas with a wet haddock.

Later thoughts were, "Nasty cheap looking clip art from the last
century"  and "So little attention paid to the poor coding style that
it's an insult to the group to post it back here".

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