Tantek hack or box-sizing

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Which method is to be preferred to prevent that padding is added to the box
The Tantek hack or adding   -moz-box-sizing: border-box;    box-sizing:
border-box; to the properties of the div?


Re: Tantek hack or box-sizing

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I seldom find the need to use any hacks. Anywhere I have a fixed size I
simply don't use padding, I just disregard it as an option. But that's
because usually I have a few "container" <div>s that are fixed size without
padding. All the block elements inside these containers naturally stretch to
fill the full width, so I add margins to these, or I can add padding to the
sub elements as well, because they don't have a size explicitly set.

Basically I use alot of margins to place my boxes around inside padding-less
"fixed size" block elements.

But don't trust me, I have a strange negative-margin fetish. Which is
probably just as bad as using hacks, I guess.

Re: Tantek hack or box-sizing

Nico Schuyt wrote:

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The Tantek hack IIRC gives an IE-specific width, followed by a syntax that
hides the rest of the style from IE so reasserts the correct width.

The -moz-box-sizing is only supported by Mozilla (AIUI).

So the question you need to answer is - what do you need to happen to CSS
capable browsers other than IE and recent versions of Mozilla? Answer that,
and you'll also have an answer to your question.

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