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It's supposed to be bad form to use lots of <p> <br> to make spaces
where you want. What is the alternative? Should I set top/bottom margins
to accomplish this? Often it's a case by case basis and doesn't seem to
justify setting up a stylesheet class, so I'm inclined to put it in the
tag as style="margin-top: 1em;" Is that OK to do? It's so abstract and
difficult to follow when every little thing has to translate over to the
style sheet.

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you want.
For someone who is relatively new to CSS, I ask why?  I am wondering if some
people are not 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater' when it comes to
CSS.  What is the object of using a
margin top: 1em (or 2x, or 0.01%, or whatever the next migration will be);

Then in your HTML, you need
<p class ="specialclass">

Versus a simple <br> in the code.

Where does that save me time?  Where does it save the executing computer
time?  How, pray tell, does that 'clean up' my code?  I could go on ad
infinitum on this topic.  I use both, when they are best used.  And until
someone yanks that <br> out of my little hands, I will still keep using it
when it is the best thing to use for the situation.  If it is a repetitive
break, I will use CSS.

Take Care,  Sharon

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me@privacy.net says...
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Very good plan.  Use what is efficient and effective for the specific
situation at hand.

Whitecrest Entertainment

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Sharon wrote:
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You could have this sort of a structure:
<div id="content">

And in the css:
#content p{
something  :  odd;

If you use SSI's this is quite easy. TYou don't have to add any special
markup in <p>'s.


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It's whatever logical markup it is.  If it's a paragraph, then it's a
paragraph.  If it's a line break, then it's a line break.  I usually don't
mess with margins on paragraphs, unless I'm trying to align it with
something, and then I might use margin in that one instance.  Again,
usually, if you don't mess with it, it works out just fine.

Adrienne Boswell
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Paul Furman wrote:
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It seems one reason is that the CSS validator does not read the inline

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