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I've downloaded this tag-cloud script package:


I've put it in my web page and it works fine, except that I see only words which
appear in the source blog.

Does anyone know what exactly I need to modify in the 'index.html' file (except
the obvious size/color, etc) to have it load automatically my web page's words?

I tried replacing the 'http' links, but I still see only the words indicated in
the source file 'index.html'.

Is it my impression or do I have to load the words manually in the http source

I am aware that there are tag-cloud scripts which pick up the word count
automatically, but I find this js more aesthetically pleasing.

Many thanks,

Re: Tag cloud instructions

Many thanks dorayme. Apologies for not replying under your post, but your reply
did not reach my news server. I saw it in another copy-cat web forum.

I got it to work, with some tinkering. I also managed to get it to validate, so
the result is nice. Here's the page for ref:


Now there exists a different problem:

Although the tag cloud anchors work, IE does not store the new link location, as
a result, when the user clicks on a link, the link works, but when the user
subsequently clicks the "back" button, IE exits the page.

I suspect that this happens because the links are embedded inside the script and
probably do not get stored in IE's history link buffer. Does anyone see any
reasonable cure for this?

Ideally, the user should click on a word, go there, and then when one clicks the
back button, he should be brought back to the tag cloud.

Thanks again,

I.N. Galidakis wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


Re: Tag cloud instructions

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Wonder why? In fact I often wonder which usenet servers get what
and what not and why there are these glitches or inadequacies.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You can make up a bit for this by having some navigation on the
top of your pages so people can deliberately go back. You might
even put a button for IE users that takes them back to the tag
cloud page.


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