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Please let me know how i can write (i sow such a sites) a text wit

arial ot TimesNewRoman but with Cyrilic support and how i can do it?
want to my client to can see the web site without having installe
specific cyrilic fonts on their machines.

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Re: Tag

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 10:17:48 -0600, jugomkd

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Do you realize that you are not posting to a website forum when you use
this site? They are passing your posts on to the usenet newsgroup

alt.html is a publicly available newsgroup. The website you are using is
stealing its content directly from there and pretending that it is their
own. There is no original material at all on the website you are looking
at now. It is all coming directly from usenet.

If you are posting from this 'forum' and have included any CSS then be
aware that the software the forum uses will strip any leading dots from
your CSS rules, making them invalid.

If you are reading a usenet post using this 'forum' then be aware that
any javascript examples you may see will have the indented formatting
removed and will be quite hard to read, and not what the author of those
examples intended.

I suggest you obtain a newsreader and visit us at news:alt.html

If you have no access to a newsreader, then try groups.google.com where
they allow you to sign up, post, receive replies, but they don't lie and
claim the content as their own.

People will listen to you if you do. We are all starting to ignore any
post from http://www.forum4designers.com

Mark Parnell

Re: Tag

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Sure, it's how most sites are done. Please see the instruction
in the section of my site called
"For developers: Cyrillic HTML"

Paul Gorodyansky
"Cyrillic (Russian): instructions for Windows and Internet":
http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/PaulGor /

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