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I am trying to split a web-page in 3 columns, the left and right
columns of
fixed width and the middle one changing size with browser.

I can do this with this table:
<table width="100%" border="1">
    <td width="200" bgcolor="#FF0000">&nbsp;</td>
    <td bgcolor="#0000FF">&nbsp;</td>
    <td width="200" bgcolor="#00FF00">&nbsp;</td>

But is it possible to do this with 3 <div> tags so as to work in
5.5+ netscape 6+ & firefox?

eg one might expect 3 divs with id's a, b & c to work given styles:

#a {position: absolute; left: 5px; background-color: #FFFF00; width:
#b {position: absolute; float: left; left: 205px; background-color:
#c (position: absoulte; right: 5px; background-color: #00FFFF; width:

but they do not.

any suggestions?

Re: tables vc css

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Google "CSS multiple columns"


Re: tables vc css

With neither quill nor qualm, quothed:

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You can try forgetting the float, set the width of b to 100%, insert a
div in it with padding r/l equal to widths of a and c, and z-index

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Re: tables vc css

On 8 Nov 2005 01:09:30 -0800, ""

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If you'd searched as widely as you'd posted, you'd already have the
answer. Try the or bluerobot sites for good well-described

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