Tables? Layers? Something else?

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Realised a while ago that different screen resolutions or peoples'
text size selection were making my web pages look *really* messy, so
settled for tables to lay out any new ones.  Now finding that tables
are not the thing, according to many people, so: what is the

(It's a site for kids with loads of pictures and text, but the whole
thing just looks nicer when it's laid out in tables - I haven't found
paragraphs flexible enough, as they don't mix text and pictures well.)



Bec but...

Re: Tables? Layers? Something else?

R2G2 wrote:
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If you are fan of great graphic design with some 3D boxes, great
backgrounds and sliced images, tables seems to be the best and easiest

To control the text css can be used very extensively and the whole thing
you can make perfect if you will use css a lot.

Such pages are the most attractive pages on the net IMHO.

Strict css is best when not much GFX is used and information in the text
is the most important thing on the page.

Like.... css tutorials!

Often ugly!  ;)

Or news - bad news usually and they don't have to look great.

But music pages, game sites and a lot of different art pages usually are
GFX dense and tables will be the king in these fields for some time,
until Flash will take over the whole net.

So it's up to you. If you want to make page, which will create
excitement and some certain feel, use a lot of GFX and Flash.

Even a toilet paper is designed to be beautiful.

Next time... check the GFX on a roll while in... you know!


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