Tables Being Translated Differently

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I seem to be be having issues with IE, or Firefox. I am coding a
website for my church and have designed sites before. I love tables
never had an issue before. I'm currently coding with Acehtml 6.
Everthing appears fine in the internal browser as well as the IE
browser but firefox  seems to be having an issue stretching certain
spacer images.

Being a fan of firefox. I assume its my fault and modify my code
bringing it up to firefoxes standards. When I do it appears fine both
in firefox and the Acehtml browser.

But now IE seems to be placing my tables all over the place which
really distorts the view of the site. It seems they both want to read
a certain coding style and I was hoping to make my church site in a
way,  that will be compatible with at least the 2 most commonly used
browsers(i.e. Firefox & IE).

Is it me? or has then been an issue with this?

I would greatly appreciate any insight anyone would have to offer.

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<cymbal crash>


The UIP: /

Re: Tables Being Translated Differently

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There are definitely differences, but they can often be avoided.  If
not, a reasonable option is to use ie conditional comments.

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If you plan on doing any development at all, you should have your OWN
url.  Then you can put up sample apps for others to see to help you.
That is the SOLE purpose I have  There is no page to
view there except the testing stuff I put there in order to get help at

If this is to be your only development, then I suggest that you suggest
that your church hire someone.

Re: Tables Being Translated Differently

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed ""

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As others have said, a URL would be better, but on the other hand, I
don't know if anyone here really wants to wade through tables and, oh
my, spacer images.

There is another thread earlier in this group that discusses the
disadvantages of using tables for layout.  Release yourself from the
shackels of presentational markup, use CSS and semantic markup.  Use the
right tool for the job, divs to markup divisions, headings for headings,
lists for lists, tables for tabular data.  

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