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I'm working on a website for a friend, and the layout has been giving
me some trouble. /

I would like the content panels to be able to be any length, without
the left side auto-expanding, without using iframes.

Every table is defined exactly as big as the image inside of it, and it
looks fine until the news content extends too far, then it stretches.

Anyone have an idea how to stop this annoying auto-stretch?

Re: tables auto-expanding

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I don't see this happening.
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I don't see this, either (unless you mean vertically.)
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Re: tables auto-expanding

My problem is the vertical expanding. Since the entire left side has to
stay attached to form the navigation picture, expanding tables are
causing a big mess. I see the problem in both IE and in Firefox.

Re: tables auto-expanding

I've fixed it.

Basically, what I had to do was keep the two sides in their own
independent tables. This stopped the code from using colspan and
rowspan. Before, when it reached a limit on the right side's content,
it would expand the cell on the right side that it was associated with.
In this case, it was the upper left box in the navigation. After doing
that, all the cells below it would auto-size with it.

Now, there is a large 1x1 table holding two tables, an 11x1 and a 3x1.
Now, when the 3x1 expands further with news content, the 11x1 tables is
left untouched, and the 1x1 table stretches instead.

Re: tables auto-expanding writes
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Is it really a problem?  The stretching only occurs if you use an
extremely long word and/or zoom in a long way.
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