Table Trouble

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please look at

I am having trouble getting the horizontal border that seperates the black
and gray to the height of 3 pixels. I have dreamweaver and golive and
neither let me make the height of the tables less than what its currently
at. As you can see the vertical border is correct with a width of 3 pixels.
Thats the way I want the horizontal border to look. The way I am trying to
do the border is, I made the border image 5 pixels long and 3 pixels tall
and I set it as the background so it will repeat all the way to the end of
the screen. I dont know if that is the best way to do it so If their is a
better way can you guys please help me.

Also if you guys could please critique my site I would appreaciate it. This
is obviously a work in progress, and the menu isnt near done, but im just
wondering what you guys think of the colors, graphics, and layout.

Thanks everybody!

Re: Table Trouble

Major Chaser wrote:

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I did

I didn't see *any* horizontal border at all. Maybe it is because you did not
correct the path? See: <td height="3" background="file:///D|/chase/website
images/Border_Hor.gif" bgcolor="#EBEBEB">&nbsp;</td>

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I worked with neither program. But you mistake is: You trust these apps to
produce valid code and you have no idea what good code is, haven't you?

<..snip border stuff..>

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First to mention: You don't use frames. That's ok, but you made a serious
mistake in relying on a table to build you layout. You will get into
trouble when you add content to your site. Never use a table for layout
purposes! Furthermore try to write vaild code. Your page validates with
nine errors. You use attributes which are no longer (or were never)
HTML-Standard and debugging your page will make you trouble, as these
attributes will be added again by your editing-apps.

Try to get some general information about HTML and CSS. Without general
knowledge, noone will really help you in this group because we do not
accept invalid code or misuse of HTML-tags.

Re: Table Trouble

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That doesn't look like tabular data to me.

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It is horrible.


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