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Re: Table Trouble

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Well, the thing is is that I don't want the top-left cell (the one with the
date in it) to be the same width as the cells immediately below it (ie: the
"Venue", "Time", "Admission", etc. cells).  Here's a little mock-up of the
table layout I used, hoping that it would work for me:
Hopefully that makes sense with respect to what I was trying to accomplish.
I suppose I could simply pull out that top table row out of the table
entirely, which would solve things I'm sure, but I think that's still part
of the tabular data, and the markup would be a lot nicer if it could be
included within the table.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Table Trouble

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Seems to me that you might need to give the browser some hints about the
column widths that you're hoping for. The amazing 'em' unit is probably
going to be your friend here, as I suspect with CSS there's going to be
no way of saying "make this column 50% of the table width".

So, one thought might be to try to specify a width (in ems) for the date
column, and a width for the 'keyword' column in the next couple of rows,
and hope the browser will sort it out the way you want it to.

That said, this looks a lot like tables for layout (which I'm not going
to flame you for, since it's a relatively harmless example and, hey, I
do it myself more often than I'll admit).

It might be better -- and as importantly, easier -- to pull whatever is
in the first row out of the table and get it the way you like it, keep
in the table that which is clearly tabular data, and perhaps pull the
bottom row out as well.

Personally, that is the approach I'd be looking at.

Joel. /
"May she also say with just pride:
I have done the State some service."

Re: Table Trouble

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Try simplifying your table.  Removing the colspans may solve about 90%
of your problems

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