Table Row Height Problems

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Wonder if anyone can help me solve this problem!

I have a 3x3 table which i'm using to create a table with a rounded
edge using images in the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom
right cells and lines in the top/left/right and bottom cells (sounds
odd, you'll see what i mean when you see the site). It works fine,
except the top and bottom rows are a lot bigger than i've specified
when they should be flush with the centre cell as the left and right
columns are. I know it's nothing to do with the graphic being too
large because that is the size i have set the height to. Can anyone
shed any light on this!?

The site can be viewed at

I have left borders on so you can see the cell layout - turning them
off makes no difference.

Many thanks

Re: Table Row Height Problems

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Well, not easy to tell for sure, but here's what I would do:

- remove all height specifications from cells
- replace with pixel specifications for height

That may reveal your problem.


- rebuild the table, and in any case you have an image sized with percentage
(not always a good idea) replace it with a new table inside the table cell
with the image as a tiled background and the table itself set to 100% to
fill the space.

Failing that, I would get rid of the stripe in the image and use cell bg
colors for all be the corners.

Some things just do not plain work in HTML, you might be trying to do one of

Re: Table Row Height Problems

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If you read more about attributes, you will find that, although height
is a valid attribute for an image, it is NOT a valid attribute for the
td tag, so you shouldn't use it.

You should also use alt="" for these corner images, to make sure that
screenreaders pass over them.

Paul Taylor

Re: Table Row Height Problems

Paul Taylor said...

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yes it is although it depends on the DTD

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that doesn't ensure anything. a screen reader may say "image without
alt text image name dot PNG". the same with alt=" "

if you want an image ignored don't put it on the page, stick it in as
a background on something.

brucie a. blackford. 29/June/2003 06:52:22 pm kilo. /

Re: Table Row Height Problems


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The HTML spec says: "User agents must render alternate text when they
cannot support images, they cannot support a certain image type or when
they are configured not to display images." So if alt=" " is specified,
then the correct behaviour is for the browser to render a space. (If alt
is erroneously omitted, then the behaviour you mention is fairly common
and quite reasonable.)

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If the users really want that, of course they can have it. My statement
was that web-authors should not have to worry about that situation, and
that statement still stands. (On reflection, perhaps I should withdraw
the word "broken" and substitute "non-standard").

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What point do you actually want to make? You originally said "if you
want an image ignored don't put it on the page, stick it in as a
background on something" - but now you seem to be saying that an author
shouldn't want to do anything of the sort.

Normally speaking, if an author considers an image decorative, he
specifies alt=""  or alt=" ", and expects text browsers / screen readers
to render an empty string or space respectively. If however the reader's
preferred browser behaviour is for it to start playing Chopin's
Fantaisie-Impromptu every time it encounters an image with alt="", that
doesn't come under the heading of things an author should worry about.

Stephen Poley /

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