Table refresh problem

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Hi everyone,
I've been trying to solve this by my own, but no luck (maybe due to my
5 days exeperence in html/vbscript). I have a *.hta application
supervising some 20 computers over the network (basic ping). User has
a table showing the computers running and some processes on each comp.
This page is refreshing every 30 sec. I do some pinging and process
monitoring and it takes some time to finish. Using the results of
script the table is updated.
Table is static as I now all the computers in my network.

To give you the idea it's something like:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="30;file:///myApp.hta">. Scripts


 ' skip code
Quoted text here. Click to load it
<script language ="vbscript">
Dim array1(20,5)  'store values for page update
sub onstart
    call pingcomps
end sub

sub pingcomps
    'pinging comps update arrays....
    ' skip code
    Call updatePage()
end sub

sub updatePage()
    'using arrays to update table with something like
    Table1.rows(i).cells(j).innerHTML = "<img src=images/red.gif
    'skip code
End sub

<body ONLOAD="onstart"  ...>


<TABLE ID = "Table1" ...

' this is where I'm drawing my static table
' skip code


This is working,althought I think the design is strange, but there is
a problem in page refreshing. Page will start to load, my 'ping'
script is started, and I have quite an ugly page (partially loaded)
for some 10 secs. Since it refreshes every 30 secs, most of the time
user has this blank page with no information on it. I was thinking of
"Loading informations..." page, but it will be displayed almost all
the time.
So is it possible to call my script and only after it returns call
refresh page? If so can you please show me how (some code). If not,
any other solutions? And if this is not the right NG please point me
to the right one.
Thx in advance

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