: nadmiarowa pusta przestrzeń

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: nadmiarowa pusta przestrzeń
  • MaÂły Piotruœ
  • 01-22-2006
  • : nadmiarowa pusta przestrzeń
  • David Dorward
  • 01-22-2006
  • : nadmiarowa pusta przestrzeń
  • Jose
  • 01-22-2006
  • Dzień dobry,
    Jestem mało doświadczony w HTMLu. Czy moglibyście mi proszę pomóc w
    problemie z <TABLE>. Modyfikuję stronę
    Niestety nie rozumiem dlaczego na tej stronie jest nadmiarowy pusty
    obszar pomiędzy wyszukiwarką ("Szukaj") a bocznym-lewym menu
    Bardzo dziękuję za pomoc.

    : nadmiarowa pusta przestrzeń
    Mały Piotruœ wrote:
    Quoted text here. Click to load it

    When one table cell spans multiple rows, and contains enough content to make
    it vertically taller then all the cells that appear in a column across
    those rows, then the extra space is spread out among them.

    This isn't a problem when tables are used for their intended purpose, but
    doesn't look so good when you abuse tables for layout.

    The solution is to stop using tables has a layout hack and switch to a
    presentation language for that job.


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    : nadmiarowa pusta przestrzeń
    Quoted text here. Click to load it

    Actually, when I use tables for layout, that is the desired result.
    Often the way a cell gets enough content to make it vertically taller is
    that the window is shrunk, which makes the table shrink, which makes the
    cells shrink, which makes the text reflow (desired result), and then to
    keep the layout functionally intact, the other cells get the space.

    The other possible result would be that the layout stays firm, resulting
    in horizontal scrolling, which is a Bad Thing.

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