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Re: Table Height definition

dorayme schrieb:

Hi dorayme
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I do answer ... this is the code from an insert table button and
normally I am changing it to border=?!? and wondered about the curios
code a lot of times ..
Quoted text here. Click to load it
why ... there is not time and no money for creating perfect pages
but seems that is a common problem. Normally they should present
information, but an implemented information about the scientific quality
of the owner is the layout of the site. The quality of layout not the
quality of the code. I have not time to learn all things in live.
Believe me I only try to fix some problems here. American Universities
have guys for layout, specialized statistician and for a lot of things
where we could dream about here. And I would read all recommended
manuals ...
And its not my job its my spare time.
But this is another thing but ..
Therefore I used the try and error method ... :-(

And then, try to
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I tried it to cut it down in the second post

Quoted text here. Click to load it
I changed the code a lot of times - visited a lot of links ( are you
able to give me a link for this special problem?) and manuals but did
not found any solution that fits. so what else should I do - try an
error - struggle down the code and at least ask in an NG
but you are right the first post was unreadable and unclear.

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yes the first NG without a flame for not using a real name .... Mike
Black may be as real as dorayme but then the most NGs are satisfied :-)

Regards Knut

Re: Table Height definition


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By asking the participants of this newsgroup to put some effort in your  
problem, or rather in solving your problem, you could save some time. But:

(1) You chose a group on Hyper Text Markup Language. Therefore the  
responses so far are focused on (proper use of) HTML. If this is not the  
input you're looking for, you might be better off trying to get some  
feedback in alt.www.webmaster. There is a more pragmatic attitude towards  
publishing on the web over there.
(2) If your code has errors, it is unlikely that you're going to get very  
direct help. How are the participants in this or, or how are you to know  
that it is not the errors that are the cause of any unwanted effect.
(3) Usenet newsgroups are not helpdesks. If you ask a question,  
participants in this group are going to discuss it. It might be you aks  
the wrong question (yes, there is something like asking the wrong  
question), because you create a problem rather than have one. Much like  
using inproper markup because the way it looks in some graphical browsers.  
In that case, people will point to you that there shouldn't be any  
problem, had you not created it yourself in the first place.

Fixing true problems with help (and efford and time) of others is fine.  
Just don't present problems that shouldn't occur. And don't present code  
with errors in a group that is all about markup.

Now, as to what you want to achieve: I have a page up that could be a bit  
like what you want. The content is in Dutch, but the markup and styles are  
not of course :-) See if you can find something of your interest in that  

It is an example and it's not whithout some presentational problems (like  
the fact that the lower box in the left side slides underneath the upper  
box with the menu if the viewport is resized to a certain height). It's  
just to show that you don't always need tables to create certain looks.
Another example is  
<URL: which works  
well in Op8.5 and FF1.5. Haven't seen it recently in IE, but I think I  
remember that it even performs well in that browser.

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Re: Table Height definition

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No one is asking you to create perfect pages. Getting the code to
validate is like making sure the ladder has enough strong rungs
to climb it when you plan to clean a house gutter. You can cheat
on all other 'best practice' things like a hat to protect you
from the sun, shades to make you look really cool, music so you
don't get bored stiff and fall off and gloves to keep spiders off
your hands and having someone stand by in case you fall.

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Honestly, it is important for you to get the basics at least
roughly right before trying to tackle any "special problems".
Best of luck anyway.


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