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Hello !

Im not sure, if im right here.

My problem:
(see code below)
When this is displayed with Opera -> It looks good
If it is dsiplayed with IE 6      -> It looks wrong

In Opera i see the flag an then the table ends.
With IE there is an extra empty line below the flag.
You can see this on

Is it my fault or is the IE buggy?

Any idea?


echo "<tr class=\"langpix\" align=\"center\">";
echo "<td>";
echo "<form name=\"l1\" action=\"$PHP_SELF\">";
echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"lang_sel\" value=\"german\">";
echo "<a href=\"javascript:self.document.l1.submit()\"><img src=
\"http://$p/flags/germany.gif\" border=\"0\">";
echo "</form>";
echo "</td><td>";
echo "<form name=\"l2\" action=\"$PHP_SELF\">";
echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"lang_sel\" value=\"usa\">";
echo "<a href=\"javascript:self.document.l2.submit()\"><img src=
\"http://$p/flags/usa.gif\" border=\"0\">";
echo "</form>";
echo "</td";
echo "</tr>";

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Re: Table Height

Olaf Schinkel wrote:
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IE is buggy.

IE displays trailing spaces on forms; you can kill the space by changing
your form tag to read: <form style="margin-bottom:0px;" ...>

That should force IE to work out that you really dont want a random
space at the bottom :)


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Re: Table Height


Quoted text here. Click to load it
OK. This works fine.

Best Olaf

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