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Is there any problem if I create a table with thead and tbody tags but
without the tfoot tags?


Re: Table Footer

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Of coures not.  Not every table needs a footer.  If you have maybe 10
records (rows), you might not need a footer.  However, if you have 50 rows,
you might want to have a footer so the user knows what column they are
looking at when they have scrolled to the bottom of the table.

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Re: Table Footer

Scripsit Adrienne Boswell:

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Most tables don't. Actually I think I've never seen a living sample of a
table with a footer on a web page, if "footer" means something marked up
with <tfoot>. By "living", I mean anything else than pure examples in
HTML tutorials and things like that. - But I've used the web just a
little over 15 years, and I have not studied the source code of every
table that visually contains something that might be a footer.

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What _is_ a table footer, anyway? Your interpretation of a footer as
essentially yet another table header, just positioned below the data
rows and not above them, is a plausible one. But it's somewhat odd,
since it's really just presentational then. If it's essentially a copy
of a table header, then what we should really have is a single header
with some styling that causes it to be presented twice (or several
times) in different places, under some conditions. Another
interpretation is that a table footer is more or less a legend or a
description of notations used in the table cells, or something like

I'd say that we need special justification to use <tfoot>, instead of
needing any particular justification to not use it.

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