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Help?  I need to display (and allow user to edit) tags such as <table>,
<tr>, and <td> inside a textarea box.  The problem is -- even though they
show up, and you can edit them, they screw up the formatting of my page.  
It's weird.  It does it in various browsers.

Is there some way to tell the browser they're just there to be edited?

Thanks for your help.

Re: table, etc tags in TEXTAREA

Ness Mountain wrote:
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You CANNOT put HTML tags *inside* a text area...

<textarea><h1>hello world</h1><p>hi!</p></textarea> totally illegal HTML. You need to find a different way of doing
it. As the name suggests, a textarea is for TEXT, not HTML tags. One
caveat; if you want to give the appearance of displaing HTML inside a
textarea, replace all of your < > with &lt; and &gt;. At least then it
wont wreck your page...


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Re: table, etc tags in TEXTAREA

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Have you tried escaping the <'s? &gt; &lt; &amp; &quot; etc..

If you don't it could be a problem if you ever wanted to edit textarea
tags within a textarea. %-|

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