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i have setup css and am using <div><ul> <li> tags for my tabbed navigation.
i'd like to put the menu options in an include file. i have an <li
class="active">,  but i don't know how to set the "active" page so i am hard
coding the menu in every page.
without asking me for a URL can someone tell me how to make this work.

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Re: tabbed navigation

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "mcnewsxp"

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You could do it server side.  I do this all the time.

        $thisurl = "contact.php";

<div id="nav">
<li><?php nav("index.php","Home",$thisurl) ?></li>
<li><?php nav("contact.php","Contact",$thisurl) ?></li>
<li><?php nav("about.php","About",$thisurl) ?></li>

<?php funtion nav($uri,$page,$thisurl)


        {echo "<a href='$uri' class='active'>$page</a>";}
        {echo "<a href='$uri'>$page</a>";}


Mine is actually a little more elaborate than that, but I think you get
the idea.
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Re: tabbed navigation

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that's what i'm looking for. mine will be classic ASP for this one tho.
i'll try and adapt you code.

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