SWF 11 player now supports only some 64-bit OSs using 64-bit browsers

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For those who have 64-bit OSs, SWF 11 now will support some 64-bit
browsers. Most people are using 32-bit browsers even on a 64-bit OS.
Some browsers, such as IE9, are available in both  32 and 64-bit
versions. Unfortunately many programs will not work on a 64-bit OS
using a 64-bit browser installed, and SWF up through 10 was one such
program. For that reason, for a Windows 64-bit OS, many computers have
both 32 and 64-bit IE browsers installed. The new SWF 11 will now work
on a 64-bit IE browser for Windows 7, but not for 64-bit Vista or XP.
However SWF 11 does no harm if you use the 32-bit IE browser on Vista
or XP. There are other 64-bit OSs and browsers, but I have none of
them available for testing to see if SWF 11 works on them.

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