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Could someone please point me to a primer on SVG?

I have to create an animation on-the-fly.  Basically the user fills out a
form telling a piece of equipment what to do in time-sequenced steps.
Before committing the changes I want to show the user what actions they
programmed the machine to perform.  I've been planning to generate a GIF
on the fly, but I've started toying with the idea either of using <canvas>
or SVG. <canvas> is currently unsupported on my embedded browser
(konqueror embedded), so that leaves SVG.

How exactly do I use SVG graphics?  What can I do and how do I go about it?


Re: SVG primer

Captain Dondo wrote:

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It's a shame that <canvas> isn't supported by Konq, given that it was
first introduced by Konq's cousin Safari. I would expect that canvas would
be perfect for your needs. (You may be able to reproduce it using some
fancy DOM+Javascript+CSS+images combo.)

SVG is only supported by Konq with the KSVG plugin. Many other browsers
have some level of native SVG support -- Opera supports the entire SVG
Tiny 1.1 spec. Mozilla are going for the larger and more complicated SVG
Full spec, but don't support all of it yet.

Here's an tutorial: /

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