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Hi list,

I need your expertise in how is the best way to accomplish the following
task.  I have a page where I use a form for a visitor to make a selection of
product A or product B.  Once they make the selection I want the rest of the
pages they visit to reflect this selection, i.e, selected information on
product A or B inserted into the pages they view.

What is the best way to pursue this?  php? asp? etc.

Re: Suggestions

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Which ever server side you wish. Some feel that PHP is easier, some feel
ASP is easier.  I learned ASP first, so for me, it's easier.  YMMV.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: Suggestions

Sitting in an ivory tower, Tom wrote:

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What does your host support? This will be a major factor in deciding which
you learn first! Either way you will probably want to look into something
like sessions, which both PHP and ASP support, as a method of retaining
variables across each page of your site.

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Re: Suggestions

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Up to you.  Which do you prefer?

Excellent subject line, BTW.  Very appropriate.


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