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I have two sites - one I've made for a client and one which is my own.  Both
feature a Flash object at the top of the page.  It's the same object that's
brought in on every page.

What is happening in Firefox, and what I suspect is something I'll not be
able to do anything about, is that there's a lapse between the page loading
and the object being brought in to the page, which results in a flicker.  It
looks amateurish on my site ( - thank you Travis for
your critique - I'll be changing it in the near future) but on my client's
site ( it really ruins the flow.  It's the first time
I've done anything that looks better in IE than FF.

I'm sure there's probably a very good reason for FF doing it the way they do
it or maybe it's just a setting that I've fouled up, but it's very annoying.



Re: Suffering succotash - Flickering Flash

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Hmmm, just looked in FF cache and it seems that .swf files are sent to disk
cache rather than memory cache.  That might well explain it.  Und hence, I
am on a loser with this one aren't I?


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