but nothing happens!!

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I fill out forms dependant of users login on to web-services - usual stuff..
When reaching a certain size I get problem trying submitting a html-form. I
will simple not submit.
I've seen similar when creating a link it cannot exceed the size of

any suggestions?

Best Regards

Torben Birk

Re: submitting
but nothing happens!!

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Internet Explorer has a maximum URL length limit of 2083 characters
( If your form submits using GET
rather than POST then you may be hitting this limit. I don't know what the
behaviour would be if you are hitting this limit, whether it does nothing
(which is what you seem to be experiencing) or whether it uses a truncated

If it is related to using GET (and you are using IE) then can you change the
form to use POST instead?
Brian Cryer

Re: submitting but nothing happens!!

Hi and Thanks

I just found out my self 5 minutes ago. :-)

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