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I'm having a problem with submitting a form to the same page. 99% of all
users go through without issue. Yet there's a handful that say their data is
not being submitted. They redirect to an error page.

Assume I'm submitting to the same page: review.asp
Is there any difference between: action="review.asp" and action="" ...?

<form action="review.asp" method="post" name="frmReview" id="frmReview">


Re: submit form to same page

Shank wrote:

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The former submits to the relative URL "review.asp", the latter isn't a URL
and the behaviour is undefined, some browsers will treat it as if it was
the URL of the current page, others will treat it as "./", its best

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Re: submit form to same page

On 24/12/2005 21:01, David Dorward wrote:

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Not so.

   Within a representation with a well defined base URI of


   a relative reference is transformed to its target URI as


      ""              =  "http://a/b/c/d;p?q"

         -- 5.4 and 5.4.1, Reference Resolution Examples, RFC 3986

However, I do agree that it's best avoided in production as not all user
agents agree. For example, and as David said, IE will treat empty URIs
in links as "./", though it will act properly for FORM action attributes
with empty values.


Michael Winter
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