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In the following code, I have 2 questions regarding submit button with image.

1) Does this code <input type="image" name="populate" src="populate.gif">
behave the same as an HTML submit button with image populate.gif?
When I click p1 or p2 button, it will post the page to process.asp.

2) When I check the checkbox, I want the image in submit button change
from populate.gif to validate.gif. Unfortunately, the code
InputForm.p2.src = "validate.gif"; doesn't work. But
InputForm.p1.value = "validate button"; is working for a regular HTML submit

Any workarounds? Please advise. Thanks!!

<script type="text/javascript">
function cb_onClick()
{   if (InputForm.C1.checked == true) //NOT InputForm.C1.value == "on"
        InputForm.p1.value = "validate button";
        InputForm.p2.src = "validate.gif";
        InputForm.p1.value = "populate button";
        InputForm.p2.src = "populate.gif";
<form name="InputForm" method="POST" action="process.asp">
  <p><input type="checkbox" name="C1" onClick="cb_onClick()"></p>
  <p><input type="submit" name="p1" value="populate button">
  <p><input type="image" name="p2" src="populate.gif">

Re: submit button with image question

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Create two buttons (validate and populate) and show/hide them as needed.
Make sure they're both visible at first, then hide the "redundant" one with
JS. This way, non-JS browsers will still be able  to use your site.

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