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Good Day!

Would be appreciate to know the method to check the destination data
will go to when press SEND or SUBMIT button on a form.

For instance, check or trace the EMAIL address where the data will be
sent to.

Thanks a million!

Re: SUBMIT button

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Er, G'Day.


You coded the form did you not. You should know the content of the action

And what does an email address have to do with form submission?


Re: SUBMIT button

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Actually, the action attribute is usually a server side script or CGI
program that processes the submitted form data.  I suspect the OP has an
email field on the form and is asking about some sort of validation,
which must be done client side via something like javascript, or in the
aforementioned server side script/program.  I also suspect that these
are beyond the scope of this newsgroup.

OP, Try searching for form validation.

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