Styles Positions vs Tables

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I am trying to redo my pages to get away from tables for positioning.  Some
here have mentioned that is a better way to design my pages.

Some of the problems I have are that some of the attributes are setup by
Front Page (very irritating - such as always putting Heights on <td> tags
and on the Tables).

I have a small page with tables in tables to show how I would typically do
it and am trying to find out how to take out the tables and still get the
same look  Here is the page:

The first table is there primarily to put the Copyright on the bottom of the
page - regardless of the size of the browser window.  This uses a
Height="100%" in my <table> tag.  I know this is not accepted and only works
in traditional and not strict, but I am not sure how to get it do this any
other way.

The second table is just set up and position my different elemnts.

The 3rd table is a data table that is created by's DataGrid.

I am just curious as to how I would better do this.

Not quite sure how to position these without tables or absolute positioning
(which I don't want to do).



Re: Styles Positions vs Tables


I was curious about the fact that my margin in my body style overroad my
leftmargin setup in my body tag.

I thought that the attribute in the tag would override the style.  If I take
the margin out of my style, the page shifts to the right 15px (which is what
I would expect and is how Front Page set it up).


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Re: Styles Positions vs Tables

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