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Can anyone help on the style sheet issues. I have taken over a website
and i am adding a section to the website. I can't get the table ti use
the style sheet font. I also do not now the significance oh the # in
the stylesheet as it works without.

There is a contact us on this section taking me to a web based email
with the wrong font. Should be FONT-FAMILY: verdana,helvetica,arial;


Re: Style sheets

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Get a decent tutorial, you have a bunch to learn yet.
There are a _handful_ of decent web ones, but most are sadly bad.
The only good book I know is O'Reilly's "Head First HTML with XHTML &

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Don't sweat it. You can't control choice of typeface on the web with
any real detail, so don't even try. For practical purposes you're
limited to serif, sans-serif and maybe monospace.

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Tutorial time!  But (simply) #ybclogo in CSS goes with <DIV
id="ybclogo"> in HTML

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<p>For more information<A href="Contact2.html"</a> Contact US</P>

<p>For more information: <A href="Contact2.html">Contact Us</a> </P>

There's a great deal wrong with this page. None of it is major, but
there's a lot of extra grot in there that's actually making your work
harder.  Read the O'Reilly and you'll see it too.

In the HTML, kill all the <br> tags and use a <p> at the start of
every paragraph or paragraph-like section. Add some simple <b>, <em>
or <i> as you want.

Or just replace it with this:

TR/html4/strict.dtd" >
<title>York Baptist Church - Holiday Club 2007 :: New York Adventure</
<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no">

<link href="ybc_holclub7b.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" >


<div id="ybclogo"><img src="Banner2.jpg" alt=""></div>
<div id="navigation"><img src="Liberty.jpg" alt="" ></div>

<div id="PageContent">
<h1 >Holiday Club 2007</h1>

<p>For all children from school years 1 to 6.

<p><b>Tues 10th - Fri 13th April 2007</b>

<p>9.45am - 12.30pm daily

<p>Join the New York Adventure at York Baptist Church's Holiday Club!
Come and join our programme of activities: games, arts, crafts,
quizzes, songs and Bible stories.

<p>There is <b>no charge</b> for joining in our adventure.

<p><em>Please note smoke effects may be used.</em>

<p>All club volunteers are required to undergo a Criminal Records
Bureau check.

<p>There is a <a href=" "
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form</a> available.

<p><a href="Contact2.html"> Contact Us</a> for more information.</p>

<p><a href=" " >Back to YBC Home</a></p>


<div id="webmasterlink" ><a
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<div id="lastupdated" >York Baptist Church, last updated 7th March


In the CSS, remove all these:
POSITION: absolute;
FONT-FAMILY: verdana,helvetica,arial;

Also remove all the "left", "top" and even the margin or padding
settings from anything except #pageContent.  Make the CSS absolutely
minimal, and remove anything you don't understand. Then adjust it
(with at least some sort of tutorial) until you're happy.

If you insist, leave POSITION: absolute; on #pageContent and the
banner images (I wouldn't, but it's the easiest place to start from).

Re: Style sheets

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The hrefs are "http:/www" because this is my website and I have not
got acces to the real one yet. so this is a quick fix.
 In the CSS, remove all these: ... FONT-FAMILY:
I am told to use this font. On the contact page if you click on the
link. I am using a
<input type=text> and <textarea> If I could change the font within
these fields changed.
some websites even change the colour of the background when got


Thanks for the ref to O'Reilly's a good ref book would help.

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